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“Brave little mountaineer and a smart engineer, 
this is Shiba at the pick of their career.
This fellow is always up for a hike or on the trusted bike.”


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“For Milky winter wasn’t bitter, because of their favorite treats that were cinnamon sweets.
At their best played cart was fine painted art.”


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“Autumn days are counted
 with tea and biscuits delighted.
Making sculpture was in Shorty’s vein as much as the love for the pouring rain.”


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This swimmer's mood was their food, what a major foodie was this goodie.
Cow stole the show with slow karaoke flow.”


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“ A life of the party was the Lion mighty.
But in their shattered heart 
layed a hidden photographer part.”

Some Meow Playground News

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Last 24 hours for the March Variety Pack

Blue Wings can’t be obtained through chests so it’s your last chance getting them.
In April we’ll have a new pack with new Wings 🙂

Easter Eggs Hunt Event

There are 24 types of eggs you can pick up. The eggs will appear randomly in the public rooms.
The event will start today and last until Sunday (included).
When the event ends, you’ll earn 100 coins for every egg collected.
You’ll also earn a mysterious chest if you picked up 12 different types of eggs and 3 mysterious chests if you found all 24.


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 “In mysterious ways Darky was magically amazing,
pure talent of poetry phasing.
One thing no one understood
is why they were such a math nerd.”

Tigri meowsonality

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“Tigri was a spring cat with varieties of flowers in their bonnet.
If you wanna find our little gardener check at the old fish-bargainer.”


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“Howie loves the near park,
where the miming career took a spark.
By daylight a news reporter, by night a fun importer.”

Meowsonality of Meow the pet

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Meow will be the first one to get their meowsonality done.

“Next to all the books
we see how Meow the librarian looks.
But all the book knowledge in the world is not enough 
for a woodcarver in winter rough.”

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