We scream for ice-cream

Now, this is a story about one of our favorite delight, that you can’t eat in one bite. On a hot summer day, we all wanna swim in ice-cream buffet. Nothing much different are the five musketeers. I got to say Playground has a lot of foodies around and we all know where they can be found. Find the foodies at Siamese’s “Baked goodies”. ( “Hmm, this is sounding like a good commercial.”-thought the author, but without further a due let’s continue the story) . “Baked goodies” was always full and for little coins you would get munchies spoonful. But it was not always like that , this was very familiar to Milky the cat. Milky was the first customer Siamese ever served, so a special table for her was reserved. And not a rare sight with Milky were Cow, Shorty and Panda who was less lite. But before this place got famous , most playgrounders were about it ignoramus. But let’s see what brought those tiny feet to the favorite spot they sit. They all had their favorite delight taken down in one bite , but when summer came they loved the ice-cream game. Now you all wonder what the game is about, so let’s checkout. “Baked goodies” hosted a game for all foodies, eat a “pool” full of ice-cream and win free goodies for you and your team. Milky always teamed with Panda, while Cow and Shorty cheered sitting on the veranda. One summer Panda was sick and he was not Milky’s first pick. Milky all sad will all thoughts running through her head called Cow for help. Cow figured out soon that his friend was troubled and he had no time to be humble. With an idea that sparked Shorty, was the one who will replace the missing place on the teams part. Milky out of the blue started to feel more good, but still nervous under that cool surface. However, our gut is sometimes right , you can’t always win every fight. Milky teaming with Shorty was not glorious , even less victorious . That summer will stay in their hearts forever , but all it mattered was for Panda to feel better. It was just an unlucky summer I guess, no need to make a big mess. To make you feel better as Panda did in the end, let’s come with us in PLAYGROUND land.

Note: The genders in the story are author choice , the skins in the game don’t carry any gender.So you are free to use whichever you like.-Sweetvil

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