Fruit Hunter Guide

Hello Meows!

There is a new game in the playground called “Fruit Hunter” and im going to explain to you how to play it so you can beat everyone!

First in order to enter the game you have to join the game, like this:

After you click the fruit hunter it will find an opponent.

Once you find an opponent you will enter the game.

After you enter the game, all you’ll need to do is to run wherever a fruit spawns and collect it.

To collect a fruit, stand on the fruit and hit the space bar (2 finger tap on mobile).

You’ll be able to know if your pet has collected the fruit if your pet glows or the sign at the top that says “Holding” shows the fruit you picked up near it.

NOTE: you can only hold 1 fruit at a time

After you collected your fruit, run to your basket, stand on it, and hit the space bar (2 finger tap on mobile) to put the fruit in the basket.

After you put a couple of fruits in the basket, you’ll have to talk to the Deer NPC by standing on him and hitting the space bar (2 finger tap on mobile) to convert the fruits to points

If a bomb spawns, you can use it to blow your opponents basket by standing on it, hitting the space bar (2 finger tap on mobile) to hold it, and go over to you opponents basket to drop off the bomb.

If your opponent drops a bomb in your basket, the fruits in the basket will be blown off and you’ll end up with an empty basket (until you fill it up again).

Every fruit has a different amount of points as follows:

You can check the “Quick tutorial” at anytime right under the score table

Good Luck and Have Fun~

Yours, Alpha_Meow.

Special thanks to Shiba for helping making this guide.

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