11 thoughts on “Note from Small Sweetheart

    1. Yes I will come back probably on very special day for the playground and me. I will notify you lovely ones no worries.

  1. Aww small, I will miss you so much🥺, but you DO deserve a break ☕️, I’ll see you soon! 😊

    xoxo, Ravenclaw_Pride ❤️❤️

    1. ❤️ Stay out of trouble playgrounders while I am on vaycay . Don’t bother my boss G too much 😂

  2. Well, I am just now seeing this. Will miss you and it’s nice that you are taking a break. Much Love 🙂

    1. Small me is back but with new account . So yeah i’m again small_sweetheart on my new account just lower lvl lol.

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