Happy Easter to those who celebrate! As the name suggests, your goal is to survive as long as possible. You earn points by tagging other players. Currently It’s in testing mode, to see what needs to be improved and adjusted. In the upcoming days awards will be added to the […]

Clowder Changes

Dear Meow Players, We are excited to announce that Clan Wars will now take place every weekend and will last for 48 hours. This event will become the main focus for clowders, while the weekly leaderboard awards will be reduced. This is the first step in our efforts to make […]

We scream for ice-cream

Now, this is a story about one of our favorite delight, that you can’t eat in one bite. On a hot summer day, we all wanna swim in ice-cream buffet. Nothing much different are the five musketeers. I got to say Playground has a lot of foodies around and we […]

Summer fun

What summer fun would it be without building sandcastles in the sun.And if we need to think who our builders gonna be, we will choose in a blink. But first let’s take a look what our Howie is planning while he is in the park miming. Little crowd is spotted […]