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” Under the Christmas tree gifts were waiting to be seen. What they brought was cheers and playgrounders eyes sparklier than the chandeliers. “

Thx to : Llamuck & Soggy

Trick or treat

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This is not a trick this is a treat Small Sweetheart will be back in a bit.

Upcoming Meow Update

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Hey everyone, just wanted to give a quick update regarding the upcoming updates we’re currently working on.

  1. New world map. It’s no secret that the old map is not impressive.
    We are now creating a new town with a bunch of new places and activities.
  2. Fishing. If digging isn’t the thing for you, fishing is another way to find some interesting items or fish :>
  3. Adventure runs. Like digging and fishing, doing adventure runs is another activity for you to do in order to earn awards
  4. Jobs. Take a job and earn coins for it.
  5. School. You can attend classes in order to earn education points which will help you get better jobs
  6. Cave. A new area where you can place a new type of companion – a digging companion, to dig for you.
  7. New personal housing system. Instead of having the 6 type of houses we have today, which differ by their size, we are going to change that and create 6 houses which ranked the same. The difference between those houses will be the bonus they give, such as better digging rate, better fishing rate, earn more from jobs, and 3 more. You can then upgrade the chosen house in order to improve the bonus and get more rooms in the house.
  8. Personal house floors and wall. You can change the look of your walls and floor based on your unlocked options.
  9. Reputation system. We’re creating a new leaderboard based on a new score called Reputation.
    Reputation can be gained by by any of the new and old activities available in Meow: Digging, Gaming, Education Points, How good your Job is, Collections, Fishing level, Cave level, House level, etc.

It’s going to be the biggest update yet. I am hoping to finish it as soon as possible.

We scream for ice-cream

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Now, this is a story about one of our favorite delight, that you can’t eat in one bite. On a hot summer day, we all wanna swim in ice-cream buffet. Nothing much different are the five musketeers. I got to say Playground has a lot of foodies around and we all know where they can be found. Find the foodies at Siamese’s “Baked goodies”. ( “Hmm, this is sounding like a good commercial.”-thought the author, but without further a due let’s continue the story) . “Baked goodies” was always full and for little coins you would get munchies spoonful. But it was not always like that , this was very familiar to Milky the cat. Milky was the first customer Siamese ever served, so a special table for her was reserved. And not a rare sight with Milky were Cow, Shorty and Panda who was less lite. But before this place got famous , most playgrounders were about it ignoramus. But let’s see what brought those tiny feet to the favorite spot they sit. They all had their favorite delight taken down in one bite , but when summer came they loved the ice-cream game. Now you all wonder what the game is about, so let’s checkout. “Baked goodies” hosted a game for all foodies, eat a “pool” full of ice-cream and win free goodies for you and your team. Milky always teamed with Panda, while Cow and Shorty cheered sitting on the veranda. One summer Panda was sick and he was not Milky’s first pick. Milky all sad will all thoughts running through her head called Cow for help. Cow figured out soon that his friend was troubled and he had no time to be humble. With an idea that sparked Shorty, was the one who will replace the missing place on the teams part. Milky out of the blue started to feel more good, but still nervous under that cool surface. However, our gut is sometimes right , you can’t always win every fight. Milky teaming with Shorty was not glorious , even less victorious . That summer will stay in their hearts forever , but all it mattered was for Panda to feel better. It was just an unlucky summer I guess, no need to make a big mess. To make you feel better as Panda did in the end, let’s come with us in PLAYGROUND land.

Note: The genders in the story are author choice , the skins in the game don’t carry any gender.So you are free to use whichever you like.-Sweetvil

Summer fun

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What summer fun would it be without building sandcastles in the sun.
And if we need to think who our builders gonna be, we will choose in a blink. But first let’s take a look what our Howie is planning while he is in the park miming.
Little crowd is spotted in Square Park and that means that Howie is doing his stunt. A lot of noise can go long way and that caught Koalas glance. With tiny steps Koala gets near the crowd to see why are the ovations so loud, and on his large surprise it was a familiar face from playground base. Curiosity was bigger than ever to find out about this undercover clever. But waiting for the show to end was not what Koala planned to attend, that’s why he was looking for a way to get Howies attention fast and joining the stunt sounded the best. Howie all in act didn’t notice the intruder getting ready to attack. Out of the bloom Howie saw someone in a clown costume . That was the brilliant Koala trying to join Howies stunt and the audience to confront . Howie took this as a nice joke and wanted to play along , because the more laughter there is the show will be prolonged. However he didn’t know Koalas intentions and his sneaky intervention. Even-though Koala never liked miming in this battle, he was ready for fighting. Noticing that Howie won’t stop Koala had to act drop.

“How do you stop a mime?”- suddenly Koala asked .

In confusion Howie didn’t know how to reply and started turning red because he was shy. Koala again asked

“How do you stop a mime? Does the crowd know?”

No one answered but a quiet voice from the stage whispered :

” Why stop now ,the place is crowded more than usual? Is there anyway to make you stay on this stage?”

“I have a good idea of what will do ,but promise me you’re not gonna make me a fool”- whispering said Koala

“Making you a fool is not my game and I promise I swear in my name.”

The idea was to visit the ZOO after the show is over , Howie liking this idea brought closure.

Koala as the clown took a bow down and said: ” Sorry for breaking a mime rule speaking while acting is cruel .”

After one more hour the show was near end , so was Koalas clown pretend.

“Thanks to all for enjoying a bit of laugh in the sun and this unforgettable summer fun.”- both Koala and Howie said while taking a bow .

The crown was slowly walking away while Koala and Howie were getting ready to leave Square Park and head to the ZOO.

“Now you will see what summer fun looks like.”- said Koala while taking off that funny looking clown wig.

“I guess we all have differences that makes us unique”-replied Howie.

“That reminds me to ask why do you love mime so much?”- the curious Koala asked with a smirk on his face.

“Hmmm I think that’s my other way of expressing my emotions. As you know, my first one is writing as a reporter.”-said Howie.

Walking and chatting they reached the ZOO that was just around the corner. While Koala was getting the tickets, Howie was approached by two strangers. Koala didn’t know who those strangers are , but one of them looked like that famous singer playing a guitar. And not far from the truth that look-alike was actually the singer Calico in company with her friend Fox the designer of “Stay out of trouble” box . They were also planning to visit the ZOO , but took them days because of Foxes fashion misfit.

“What a coincident!!!”- excited Koala said.

“I will gladly say yes or maybe it is a pleasant bless”- Howie playfully replied with those words. While Fox and Calico just nod with their heads .

“We should move before the ZOO closes or we will be able to see nothing further than our noses.” – said Koala while trying to get all of them moving.

As we all know how fun the ZOO can be, the author is going to skip writing the scenery. And we will move to the conversation from the beginning of story about the sandcastle and all that worry.While resting their feet they were all planning their next place where they will meet.

“Summer fun for me is playing music and enjoying the sun.”- said Calico

“As a summer fox I spend my days in a box.” – said Fox while sipping on her coffee.

“Those sound like some fun , but we need a better plan. Something that involves the ocean breeze and beach please.”- Koala said a bit upset.

” I know where and what we will do, let’s all meet tomorrow at noon.”- Howie said with a smile.

“Ok, but where do we meet?!” – curious all asked.

“We will make castles out of sand , on the beach in Playground land.”- replied Howie

They all liked this thought and the daydreaming was now caught.Everyone was thinking of what tomorrow will bring while the sky was slowly turning golden-pink. But in daydreaming time flew fast, they all saw light from the moon being cast. The time at the ZOO was fun but Howie was glad that was done.Now they can all go to sleep and let their imagination run deep, because the morning will come soon and even quicker the long waited noon. Early in the morning the sun was shining bright and not a cloud in plain sight. Meanwhile our characters were get breakfast in bed oh what lazy-heads. While you blink all the food was gone and breakfast was done. Next logical thing to do is to pack the picnic basket and for this we all now Fox was the witty one. Fox took quite some time to find the perfect bag for this summer crime. But when it comes to food , she knew what was the summer mood. In the basket the fruits , drinks and peanut butter sandwiches went , and just in case flip-flops so they doesn’t get their feet dirty in all that sand. Just as she finished packing the phone rang it, was Calico who sang.

“If you’re ready let’s meet, let’s move those feet. I want to go to the beach fast and beat them at making sandcastles and show them who is the best.”- excited Calico said this in a form of a song.

“I don’t know why you are in a hurry , we will be there first no worry ! “- said Fox unamused.

Little did they know that Koala and Howie had secret plan , they camped all night on the beach in a van. However all excited Calico and Fox met , but the trophy for getting there first they didn’t get. This was not gonna ruin their fun , because they were here to enjoy the sun. After a bit of tanning it was time to do what they were all planning. But who will build when hunger strikes, lucky Foxy brought food everyone likes. Finally with belly’s full they can now build even a pool. Foxy and Calico build there own little palace they named “Cottage” and Howie and Koala made a theater castle to remind them of the mime hustle.

In the end the winner couldn’t be chosen, because in this story it’s more importation that the friend is not loosen . And whatever may the day bring, don’t forget the flowers still bloom in spring. That’s why I will say enjoy the summer and don’t be such a boomer.

Note: The genders in the story are author choice , the skins in the game don’t carry any gender.So you are free to use whichever you like.-Sweetvil

Fruit Hunter Guide

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Hello Meows!

There is a new game in the playground called “Fruit Hunter” and im going to explain to you how to play it so you can beat everyone!

First in order to enter the game you have to join the game, like this:

After you click the fruit hunter it will find an opponent.

Once you find an opponent you will enter the game.

After you enter the game, all you’ll need to do is to run wherever a fruit spawns and collect it.

To collect a fruit, stand on the fruit and hit the space bar (2 finger tap on mobile).

You’ll be able to know if your pet has collected the fruit if your pet glows or the sign at the top that says “Holding” shows the fruit you picked up near it.

NOTE: you can only hold 1 fruit at a time

After you collected your fruit, run to your basket, stand on it, and hit the space bar (2 finger tap on mobile) to put the fruit in the basket.

After you put a couple of fruits in the basket, you’ll have to talk to the Deer NPC by standing on him and hitting the space bar (2 finger tap on mobile) to convert the fruits to points

If a bomb spawns, you can use it to blow your opponents basket by standing on it, hitting the space bar (2 finger tap on mobile) to hold it, and go over to you opponents basket to drop off the bomb.

If your opponent drops a bomb in your basket, the fruits in the basket will be blown off and you’ll end up with an empty basket (until you fill it up again).

Every fruit has a different amount of points as follows:

You can check the “Quick tutorial” at anytime right under the score table

Good Luck and Have Fun~

Yours, Alpha_Meow.

Special thanks to Shiba for helping making this guide.

Note from Small Sweetheart

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“I’m taking a long time off the playground.Until I get back on I want you all to stay out of trouble.Sorry if I was rude in any way this last few days.I will notify you when I’m back.” -Love Small

Meowsonality-Red Panda

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“The winter days were short, but Red Panda enjoyed them in the baseball court. 
Charming prank master with them fun was never a disaster.” 


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“Summer fox snuggled in designed by them box. Fashion was foxes passion and ballet was a form to show their witty way.”


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“Corgi is all about good looks 
and being the model we look in books.
If not on the cover Corgi is a big water-polo lover.”

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