Use the "Join Now" button to wait for a game.
  • Game starts once there are enough players to start the game
  • In Tag, everyone's using their basic skin except the Tagger.
  • The pet with the Milky(white) skin is the tagger. The tagger must hit other players to tag them.
  • Tagged players are frozen and cannot move until it's someone else's turn to be the tagger.
  • New tagger player is chosen every 20 seconds.
  • Win awesome awards such as Coins, Chests, Levels and gaming score for playing and winning.


In dodgeball you are assigned to a team, either the cats or the dogs.
The goal is to hit as many players as possible.
To throw a knitball, you must pick it up first from the floor.

Fruit Hunter

Collect fruits by pressing space, drop them in your basket by pressing space again.
You can't hold more than 5 fruits in your basket. At any point you can talk to the deer by pressing space again to convert your basket fruits into points.
The more fruits you convert, the more points you earn.
Different fruits award you with different amount of points:
5 6 7 8 10

Placing a in opponent basket will clear it's fruits.

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