Meow Playground - Playground's Terms Of Use

General chat rules

  1. You must be at least 13 years old to use the chat. Otherwise, parents supervision is required.
  2. Do not harrass other users, and do not use offensive language.
  3. Do not publish any content that includes violence, pornographics, racism, or anything that might hurt or cause inconvinience for other users.
  4. Sharing any type of private information such as email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts or physical location is compeltely forbidden.
  5. Sharing video meetings or any other method of private communication is forbidden.
  6. Do not ask for private information from other users.
  7. Do not enter links posted by people you do not trust.
  8. You take full responsibility for your messages and actions in this game.
  9. We keep ourselves the right to remove messages we find inappropriate.
  10. This is not a dating site, messages related to searching a partner will be removed and might lead to a ban.
  11. Do not repeat the same message multiple times.
  12. Do not report messages if it's not justified.
  13. Do not troll, do not lie, do not scam, do not make promises you are not willing to keep.
  14. Auto clickers/bots are not allowed.
  15. Playing with 2 or more accounts simultaneously is not allowed.
  16. Breaking the rules may result in a permanent ban from the chat.

Terms and Conditions