Coins are gained by doing activities in the playground.
You can use coins to buy new skins, hats, glasses, capes, sending gifts and more.
Read about buying skins and customization in the Customization tutorial section.
Some of the ways to earn coins are described below.


One of the simplest ways to earn coins is by digging in the playground.
Select "Dig" from the menu to start digging.
You'll find coins randomly while digging.
The amount of coins found is based on your luck and digging skills :)
While digging, you've also got a chance to find chests, diamonds and other cool stuff.

Coins rush

Once a hour, there's a coins rush event.
During coins rush, the amount of coins found is multiplied by x3, and the chance to find coins is increased.

Daily awards

You get coins as daily awards, just for coming back!


The fastest way to earn coins is by playing Meow games.
More details about Tag and Dodgeball game can be found here.

Deer game

Access the deer game through the city center.


Once in a few minutes, a trivia question will pop up in the playground's chat.
You can earn up to 200 coins for being the first to answer.
And 50 coins for a correct answer.

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