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meow playground

UncategorizedDecember 3, 2021 • < 1 min read • 5

” Under the Christmas tree gifts were waiting to be seen. What they brought was cheers and playgrounders eyes sparklier than the chandeliers. “ Thx to : Llamuck & Soggy

We scream for ice-cream

UncategorizedJune 25, 2021 • 2~4 min read • 1

Now, this is a story about one of our favorite delight, that you can’t eat in one bite. On a hot summer day, we all wanna swim in ice-cream buffet. Nothing much different are the five musketeers. I got to say Playground has a lot of foodies around and we all know where they can […]

Summer fun

UncategorizedJune 19, 2021 • 7~12 min read • 0

What summer fun would it be without building sandcastles in the sun.And if we need to think who our builders gonna be, we will choose in a blink. But first let’s take a look what our Howie is planning while he is in the park miming. Little crowd is spotted in Square Park and that […]


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“Summer fox snuggled in designed by them box. Fashion was foxes passion and ballet was a form to show their witty way.”


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“Corgi is all about good looks and being the model we look in books. If not on the cover Corgi is a big water-polo lover.”


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“If you wanna catch a dancing hit check Penguin and their happy feet. Find Penguin on a butterfly hunt or doing an ice-skating stunt.”


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“The IT development core didn’t prepare this Koala for a desert tour. And summer days flew with walks in the ZOO with playgrounds crew.”


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“ Winter chubby was a playground adventurer buddy. Panda was an amazing creature but even better teacher. Find them in tears when there’s no basket full of pears.”