Some Meow Playground News

Last 24 hours for the March Variety Pack

Blue Wings can’t be obtained through chests so it’s your last chance getting them.
In April we’ll have a new pack with new Wings 🙂

Easter Eggs Hunt Event

There are 24 types of eggs you can pick up. The eggs will appear randomly in the public rooms.
The event will start today and last until Sunday (included).
When the event ends, you’ll earn 100 coins for every egg collected.
You’ll also earn a mysterious chest if you picked up 12 different types of eggs and 3 mysterious chests if you found all 24.

18 thoughts on “Some Meow Playground News

  1. Hey grumpy can you please tell me your gender and the meow animals genders too I need it for a meow playground story I’m making.
    Oh and also is it possible do u to put my story in the theatre (it’s a video)thanks.By the way my meow name is The_Story_Writer

  2. i wish the event was still here because i really wanted to get all 24 eggs but i only got egg24 egg6 egg1 egg4 egg5 egg8 egg10 egg11 egg14 and egg19. 🙁

  3. Every time I’m always far away from the egg but they look pretty lol

    btw my meow playground name is xS4g3

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