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“ Winter chubby was a playground adventurer buddy. Panda was an amazing creature but even better teacher. Find them in tears when there’s no basket full of pears.”


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“With suit and tie Piggy is the businessman that’s not shy. And on a free day Piggy with a parachute on his back is on the airport’s way.


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“A dog with acting skill and a real fitness daredevil. Pug is our playground coach with a tough work-out approach.”


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“Calico’s summer fun is in enjoying the sun or preparing speech on the beach. Behind this gamers figure is a hidden singer.”


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“Down the alie you will see Cheetah with suitcases ready for a trip to Bali. But don’t be fouled by this free spirit look they are an attorney by book.”


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“On the corner of the street we have a baker Siamese cat to meet. With plans strict lunch with friends would be a conflict.”


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“In the winter cold, detectives’ job is never on hold.That’s why Husky with their speed is the best for it indeed.”


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“Brave little mountaineer and a smart engineer, this is Shiba at the pick of their career. This fellow is always up for a hike or on the trusted bike.”


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“For Milky winter wasn’t bitter, because of their favorite treats that were cinnamon sweets. At their best played cart was fine painted art.”