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Upcoming Meow Update

Hey everyone, just wanted to give a quick update regarding the upcoming updates we’re currently working on.

  1. New world map. It’s no secret that the old map is not impressive.
    We are now creating a new town with a bunch of new places and activities.
  2. Fishing. If digging isn’t the thing for you, fishing is another way to find some interesting items or fish :>
  3. Adventure runs. Like digging and fishing, doing adventure runs is another activity for you to do in order to earn awards
  4. Jobs. Take a job and earn coins for it.
  5. School. You can attend classes in order to earn education points which will help you get better jobs
  6. Cave. A new area where you can place a new type of companion – a digging companion, to dig for you.
  7. New personal housing system. Instead of having the 6 type of houses we have today, which differ by their size, we are going to change that and create 6 houses which ranked the same. The difference between those houses will be the bonus they give, such as better digging rate, better fishing rate, earn more from jobs, and 3 more. You can then upgrade the chosen house in order to improve the bonus and get more rooms in the house.
  8. Personal house floors and wall. You can change the look of your walls and floor based on your unlocked options.
  9. Reputation system. We’re creating a new leaderboard based on a new score called Reputation.
    Reputation can be gained by by any of the new and old activities available in Meow: Digging, Gaming, Education Points, How good your Job is, Collections, Fishing level, Cave level, House level, etc.

It’s going to be the biggest update yet. I am hoping to finish it as soon as possible.